Wall Insulation, Weatherization & Energy Audit Services

Improving Your Energy Efficiency and Indoor Climate

You may be surprised how much money is going through your roof--literally. Our professionally prepped and installed attic insulation is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase your home energy efficiency and Indoor climate.  This alone can significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs and energy waste.

About 78% of homeowners have not added any insulation to their attic in part because they believe their home already has enough. The US Department of Energy states that homes in Pennsylvania should have at least an R-49 insulation value in our attics; that equals 12” – 14” inches of blown cellulose insulation. Even newer homes may not be as energy-efficient as you think. You need to be sure your insulation is brought to adequate levels.

Simply insulating existing homes to current Department of Energy recommendations would save 800 trillion BTU's each year. (That’s 76 supertankers of oil!) 

We are a local company that specializes in lowering HVAC costs and improving your indoor climate.
Services Include:

  •     Insulation of Attic, Walls, Garage Ceilings, Crawl Spaces
  •     Acoustical insulation (sound control)
  •     Blower Door Testing
  •     Air and Bypass Sealing
  •     Duct Sealing and Insulation
  •     Thermal Imaging – Infrared Thermography
  •     Attic / Exhaust Ventilation
  •     Windows and Doors
  •     Heating and Cooling Equipment and More!

Benefits of Our Professionally Installed Insulation and Air Sealing:

  •     Reduced heating & cooling bills and continued savings year after year
  •     Improved comfort year-round
  •     Helps eliminate outdoor pollutants – moisture, dust and insects
  •     Reduction of noise
  •     Higher resale value! An energy efficient home appeals to buyers’ financial savings and desire to reduce environmental impact.

We our trained and experienced in all phases of energy saving weatherization and insulation solutions that work and is the number one way to reduce energy bills, save money, increase your comfort and property values.
The core concept of home performance is an emphasis on measurable results gathered from testing.  Testing assures that you have a safe, comfortable and efficient home when the work is done.  We offer with this coupon: blower door testing for $99.00. 

“If you don’t test, you don’t know”
Commercial Insulation and Weatherization Services:
Commercial buildings; Care and senior citizen buildings, retirement villages and office complexes can be incredibly inefficient with excessive costs and loss of energy to operate. We improve your clients' and employees comfort, reducing complaints and increase the property value. We work with property owners and managers located in: Allegheny, Westmoreland, Armstrong and Butler Counties of Western Pennsylvania to reduce HVAC operating costs. We provide you with quantifiable returns on your insulation and energy efficiency upgrade investments.

We employ Certified Energy Auditor and Crew Chief that have obtained the Prestigious Certification as a Building Analyst Professional through the Building Performance Institute.