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Snyder Heating & Remodeling offers you great financing programs for your home improvement projects with a monthly payment you can afford. If you own your home with fair to good credit, you can secure financing and be comfortable, have lower energy bills and increase your property value.


 Good News on Special Financing

We are an approved EnergyLoan Contractor through AFC First Financial, an award winning Pennsylvania-based financial institution founded in 1947. We also offer standard and special low cost financing for energy saving home improvements. These are some of the products that qualify for the special Energystar® financing: *Heating   *Cooling   *Insulation   *Windows   *Doors and more!


Keystone Home Energy Loan Program

You can get very special financing for ENERGYSTAR® and other energy saving home improvements. Your fixed monthly unsecured loan comfort investment includes a low APR and up to 120 month term. Contact AFC First Financial for current APR rates.

Also, check out the program's secured loans with low APR up to 20 year term. Contact AFC First Financial for current APR rates.
The Keystone Home Energy Loan program helps families gain control of their energy costs in the face of skyrocketing fuel bills, be more comfortable and increase property values.

Pennsylvania consumers can once again couple low cost Keystone HELP loans with rebates from utilities for HVAC and other qualifying energy efficiency improvements as well as for whole house improvements. This change is designed to help Pennsylvania contractors make energy efficiency more affordable for their customers. Keystone HELP is offered as result of continued capital support from the Pennsylvania Treasury, Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency and Federal ARRA program support being directed through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. 

Keystone HELP Energy Efficiency Loans are fast, simple financing for customers who are installing energy efficient HVAC, Insulation, Windows and other measures, with even lower rates for whole house improvements. Interest rates are as low as 2.99% (0.99% in southeastern PA through EnergyWorks).

The energy saving and ENERGYSTAR® loans are:

  •     Unsecured - No Lien Filed on Your Home. 
  •     No Home Equity Required - New Homeowners Ok. 
  •     No Prepay Penalty. 
  •     No Points, Fees or Closing Costs. 
  •    Up to 10 Years to Repay and are Fast and Simple Financing up to $15,000 unsecured and up to $35,000 for secured loans.


    How to apply for a loan

To apply for standard or special energy loans, click the link below and follow the prompts to enter your information for an application, or call AFC First toll free at 888-232-3477.

Please note that Snyder Heating & Remodeling is not involved in the credit approval process. Approval is at the sole discretion of AFC First Financial Corporation and Keystone Home Energy Loan Program.

Apply Online: or or 
Apply by Phone Toll Free: (888) AFC FIRST (232-3477) Fax: (610) 433-7488


Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency: PHFA 

PHFA offers several financing options. The Homeowners Energy Efficiency Loan Program (HEELP) offers loans between $1000 and $10,000 for specific engery efficient repairs to low and moderate income households. The loan offers a fixed interest rate of 1% for the 10 year term with no prepayment penalties.

HEELP is PRACTICAL and AFFORDABLE! HEELP loans are more affordable than you may think. You can choose repayment terms of $44 per month for a $5,000 loan or $88 for a 10,000 loan that can help you pay for:

  •     Air sealing, insulation and ductwork
  •     Energy efficient windows and doors
  •     Energy efficient heating and cooling system repairs or replacements
  •     Roof repairs and replacements
  •     Some repairs that permit weatherization/LIURP work to take place.

Finally, you can get your home repaired, lower your energy cost and be comfortable...with an investment that you can afford!

For more information about HEELP please call PHFA at 1-800-822-1174 or email and specity HEELP in the subject line, or copy and paste this in your browser:


Low - Moderate Income Loans for Allegheny County Homeowners

Low-interest and no-interest loans are currently available for eligible low or moderate income homeowners through the Allegheny Home Improvement Loan Program (AHILP), formerly known as (IMPAC).


Emergency/Priority Improvement Loans up to $10,000 through AHILP

This loan is available for qualified "emergency" or "priority" improvements, such as roofing, furnace, boilers, accessibility-related improvements and other emergency or priority improvements that qualify under the terms of AHILP.


General Improvement Loans up to $23,000 through AHILP

This loan is available for general home improvements such as windows, doors, roofs, flooring, insulation and other remodeling. One of the requirements to receive a low interest AHILP loan is that your home be brought up to current building code standards and, if necessary, the remediation of any lead hazards.

*Grant funds may be available for a portion of the cost to address major code or lead remediation work. There is a processing fee associated with the general improvement loan that would not be due until the loan closing date and may be financed as part of your loan.

General Eligibility Requirements for AHILP loans:

• Your property must be a residential, single-family dwelling.
• AHILP loans are mortgage-secured, so you must own your property via recorded deed.
• You must occupy your property as your principal residence. 
• Your total household income cannot exceed HUD-established income limits. 
• Your credit should be acceptable and your property taxes should be paid.

If you would like to obtain more information or request a loan application, please contact Allegheny County Economic Development at (412) 350-1043 or (412) 350-6337.

Additional information can also be obtained by visiting the program's website at:

You are now able to afford your improvements, your comfort, enhance the value of your home and have products that will pay for themselves!

Call or email us if you need more information on home improvement loans with low interest rates and monthly payments that fit your budget.