About Snyder Heating & Remodeling

Thorough Knowledge and Experience" Snyder Heating & Remodeling started serving the Allegheny - Kiski Valley in June of 1982, bringing reliable, cost-effective workmanship and service to Pennsylvania's communities.

Snyder Heating & Remodeling uses a practical approach with our customers; Snyder Heating & Remodeling works diligently to solve our clients needs and problems while maintaining or improving their environments. Snyder Heating & Remodeling has a strong knowledge base and are experienced in all phases of construction. Our personnel take pride in delivering superior workmanship, bringing you quality assurance with guaranteed services, repairs and installations.

At Snyder Heating & Remodeling, old-fashioned values such as reliability, good workmanship and straightforward friendliness have been the key to our growth and the reason why our customers return to us again and again. Our commitment to delivering outstanding service is why our first time customers have become long time regulars.

Our goal is to provide customers with quality service and installations at a fair price, offering you value, reliability and comfort. Snyder Heating & Remodeling maintains the highest industry standards for customer service and cost-effective practices. Snyder Heating & Remodeling defines value as providing the best quality workmanship with reliable products at an affordable price.

Our customers expect a timely response, ultimate courtesy and the most cost-effective, energy efficient products available on the market today. Snyder Heating & Remodeling is committed to providing the best quality services in the industry; Snyder Heating & Remodeling prides ourselves on our quick, efficient installations and repairs on heating, air conditioning & HVAC systems.

Quality - Dependability - Promptness - Service - Value - Satisfaction

That's what our customers expect from Snyder Heating & Remodeling. And that is why Snyder Heating & Remodeling strives to be your #1 choice and your one-stop shop for worry-free service, comfort and convenience.

Our staff and employees demonstrate a continued commitment to training, to their careers and to our customers. Snyder Heating & Remodeling has the knowledge, experience and the resources at our disposal to resolve even the most difficult and pressing of technical issues.

Snyder Heating & Remodeling live up to the many compliments Snyder Heating & Remodeling has received over the years. Using us assures YOU of the following:

A fully equipped and insured, full service shop that excels in heating, cooling, plumbing, remodeling, roofing, insulation and Snyder Heating & Remodeling atherization. Our commitment to you is your complete satisfaction and Snyder Heating & Remodeling guarantees our work. Whether your project is small or large, our professionalism and precision remain the same. Snyder Heating & Remodeling has built a reputation for doing your job right with professional ethics and respect of your property. Snyder Heating & Remodeling cleans our work area everyday before our workers leave. 

Snyder Heating & Remodeling eliminates your need to hire several contractors. When you hire us to do your work, you can be assured it will be done right. With our knowledge and experience in most areas of home renovation, climate control system performance, plumbing, electrical and HVAC equipment, Snyder Heating & Remodeling sees things others cannot or fail to see. Snyder Heating & Remodeling knows how to execute your job and do it right at a fair cost without unexpected charges. Snyder Heating & Remodeling charges by the job, not by the hour. You know your cost before Snyder Heating & Remodeling start and Snyder Heating & Remodeling does the same for most services including heating and air conditioning repair service.  

Snyder Heating & Remodeling offers experience and time tested work ethics that Snyder Heating & Remodeling maintains from job to job so Snyder Heating & Remodeling are your first choice for installations, general maintenance, repairs or upgrades. Snyder Heating & Remodeling's focus is to help you become more energy efficient; ultimately, contracting our service leads to improved levels of comfort, lo Snyder Heating & Remodeling monthly energy bills and pays for itself many times over.

It is our sincere hope that if Snyder Heating & Remodeling can ever be of service, you will not hesitate to give us the opportunity to do just that. It is YOU who stands to gain from our integrity and experience. 

Our Commitment

Our ultimate mission is to make Snyder Heating & Remodeling synonymous with quality. To accomplish this, Snyder Heating & Remodeling performs all services in a manner with respect to ethical practices in business. Our service team operates in a polite and courteous manner, taking special care to safeguard clients' property and making sure to remove work related debris regularly. Our company offers quality materials and products which command the public's trust. Snyder Heating & Remodeling always bear in mind that each customer is the reason Snyder Heating & Remodeling are in business;Snyder Heating & Remodeling strives to continue our business relationships with our valued patrons for many years.     

Snyder Heating & Remodeling maintains the goal of giving back to the community from which Snyder Heating & Remodeling derives our sustenance and to recognize that good will is worth more than monetary gain when worthy causes are supported.